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The purpose of our class project is to share portraits of inspirational women who have contributed to the society, sciences and in your opinion made a difference to this world. They can be historical figures,

celebrities, family members and can be from any country.you need to write two paragraphs (300 words) of relevant information on your selected influential figures (simple biographical sketches will not be accepted). Let us know what their achievements are, how they made a difference and why you selected them.

Need discuss why you write this person(Gong Li has been an international brand ambassador of Chinese actress. She was the first Chinese actress who won the Venice film festival award-winning. ), –and the relationship with this person.

—can just use the information below and help me edit the gramma.

my personal background, international student

Gong Li won the 2007 World Chinese award to spread Chinese culture.

Gong Li has an brand ambassador Chinese She was the first Chinese actress who won the Venice film actress. Festival award-winning. been of International

Excellent works to get the show on the international stage, so that more people understand the Chinese culture through the film

Now, Gong Li is undoubtedly the international spokesperson for Chinese actress. She is the first prize at the Venice Film Festival Chinese actress, the first French cosmetics brand endorsement L’OREAL China actress, won the French Knight Medal of honor, “People” was included as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world, Canada Montreal World Film Festival special award, the fifty-first Cannes Film Festival invited the guests, Oscar was admitted as a member of the committee, the fiftieth Berlin International Film Festival jury president, Gong Li created China filmmaker make the miracle of world cinema, to fight the light Chinese film. Especially invited as the judges of the Berlin International Film Festival chairman, chairman of the Berlin International Film Festival officially issued a letter from Mr. de Haddon, she led a dozen judges, and said “you are the best candidate for chairman of the jury”.

But the international stage did not let her forget to show unique beauty, Gong Li said, the international platform, the need of national show. Wherever you go, the Chinese are my label, my identity, my character. For years, experts on the evaluation of Gong Li is still not self beauty, dress a Oriental female charm, Gong Li still has Chinese elements of clothing favoured.

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