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I need to answer these two questions. They are separate assigments.

1- The research proposal will be based on TECHNOLOGY AND SOCIAL ISOLATION. The purpose of the proposal is to persuade your reader to believe that you are interested in the topic and ready to learn how to develop the topic into a project. The format of the proposal is a sentence outline. Use APA style to document any sources referenced in your proposal. I am attaching the doc to work on call Week 3 proposal directions

For question 2 you need to review a paper I submitted in week 2 that I am also attaching.

2- Review materials in the DeVry library to help gain a better understanding of APA citations.


-Listen to the tutorial or download and review the transcript on APA and answer the questions below

Compose a 2-paragraph response in which you address each of the following points:

  1. Why is APA style used to document ideas in writing? What is the purpose of the in-text citation? Demonstrate your understanding of the in-text citation by providing an in-text citation for the article you summarized for the week 2 assignment. (15 points)
  2. In the article that you summarized in week 2, you may have found some information that you want to quote directly. To demonstrate the process for citing a direct quote, provide an example of properly quoted material. (20 points)

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