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Chose one of the following are projects.

  1. Refer to the work of Georges Seurat, and analyze his use of optical color mixture. Devise a similar demonstration using a different image that you might draw or trace. Complete your pointillist work in colors that are not intermixed, but pure. See if you can create the effects of blended colors when your work is seen from a distance.

  1. Create a cartoon or sketch that illustrates three of the elements of art.

3. Photocopy or scan a color photograph of yourself or someone you know. Chose an image or take the photograph that has strong contrast. Enlarge the image as much as possible, mark the image with a horizontal or diagonal grid. Number the squares on the back side, or in small numbers so that you can still see the image. Now mark an identical grid on a separate, plain sheet of paper. In the manner of Chuck Close, replicate the actual colors of the photograph with broken, pure colors. Colored pencils, markers, crayons, or pastels can work well.

Viewing several works by Chuck Close can provide inspiration for this project.

Big Emma by Chuck Close

Example found on the internet to help you with project 3.

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