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Explain the mission of the Central Intelligence Agency (20 points).

Provide an historical example of a successful mission and how it contributed to the national security of the United States (5 points).

Provide an historical example of an unsuccessful mission and how it allowed harm to the national security of the United States (5 points)

Proper grammar and spelling is required (1 point).

Papers must include a cover page, 2-4 full pages of content and a bibliography, using at least two academic sources. (4 points). All sources must be good, academic, peer reviewed sources. This means that most websites (Wikipedia, answers.com, and similar websites) are disqualified. If you can’t identify the author and date that ‘s a good sign that the source needs to be carefully evaluated and most likely, not used. Note that encyclopedias and textbooks should not be used in academic papers. You may refer to them, but their use should be very minimal. The UMUC online databases are recommended as a way to find good academic sources, particularly journal articles.

Desired Course Outcomes:

  • explain the role of Congress, intelligence agencies, and the military in responding to threats to national security interests.
  • identify national security interests in regional hot spots around the globe and U.S. efforts to safeguard those interests

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