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After considering a number of the topics that we’ve covered throughout the semester (consult your course outline if you don’t remember the topics), tell me IN YOUR OWN WORDS, but using specific examples to support your information, What have you learned in this course? Of course, while this might sound like an open-ended question, I would like you to reflect on specific case studies that were of most interest to you, or those events that led you to reexamine your own world view. Address AT LEAST THREE of the following questions in formulating your response:

Has your perspective toward one particular topic, event or era in the history of Western Civilization (as we’ve studied it) changed at all? If so, in what way has it changed? Rely on specific examples to support your response.

What, in your opinion, are some of the most significant changes that have occurred in Western Civilization since the era of the Renaissance and in what areas do you feel have we not progressed as we should? Provide specific examples.

Based on the topics we’ve examined in this course, do you believe that there will still be a distinctly “Western” world in the twenty-first century, or will the West “shrink” as a result of globalization? Provide specific examples to support your conclusions.

After considering the various “isms” we’ve examined in this course that have been applicable at various points in history, what, in your opinion, is the most significant force in the 20th century, globalism or nationalism? In your response take care to define the ideology and use at least one specific example of the application of the ideology to justify your response.

At the conclusion of this course, how do you see yourself as a student of history? Do you feel differently about yourself, history (in general), or the place of the United States in the much larger “Western” world than when you began the course and, if so, in what ways? Be specific in your response.

The purpose of this final essay question is two-fold: first, it gives you the opportunity to reflect upon the course content, respond in an honest and straightforward manner, and “show your stuff” in terms of what you’ve learned throughout the semester; secondly, it allows me the chance to implement that CAP, approach – CONTENT, ANALYSIS, PERSPECTIVE. You understand the CONTENT, you have the ability to CRITICALLY ANALYZE the material, and formulate a PERSPECTIVE. In other words, I want to see that you’ve actually THOUGHT about the material we’ve covered throughout the semester, and that you have the ability to articulate your thoughts on paper.

Keep in mind that you are free thinking, creative, intelligent students of history – therefore, I don’t want to know what the author of your book has to say about a topic (I can read that for myself). While you can refer to the text when offering specific examples (i.e. statistical information, direct quotes), that material must be cited properly, including proper use of quotation marks and parenthetical citations. What I would really prefer to see is a creative use of the material from the textbook and supplemental material (websites found in the EXTERNAL LINKS folder, etc) incorporated into a well-organized, thoughtful, insightful essay that addresses each of the aforementioned questions in one way or another. I prefer that you utilize NO other sources than the textbook, external links, and your notes from the course. Approach this final exam as though we were engaging in a verbal exchange – I want to see that you’ve not only learned various aspects of Western Civilizations, but that you also enhanced your ability to THINK for yourself!

It’s QUALITY, not quantity! Therefore, I am looking for a comprehensive reflection on the course material. You may be able to do that in 500 words, or perhaps it may take you 1500 words to complete that task. Responses also must be in essay format, properly structured, and free of typographical errors.

Please note: Any student who submits a final essay exam that includes material that is copied and pasted directly from the internet will receive a failing grade for the final exam. This is not a test of who can get the most applicable information from Wikipedia (don’t even think of using this site as a source- it is UNACCEPTABLE) it is a test of the knowledge you’ve gained from the course – keep that in mind!

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