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II. Essay— Answer the following essay questions, using details/support from your textbook, the documentary episodes posted in Blackboard, lecture, and if you would like, other ACADEMIC sources. You should incorporate concepts we discussed in class lecture, but infuse your statements with support from the text.

These essays must be typed in Times New Roman, 12-point font, and should be double-spaced. Please provide a thesis statement for each essay, and body paragraphs to answer ALL ASPECTS of each prompt. (You don’t need to worry about drafting a formal introduction and conclusion.) Your answers will probably be about a page-and-a-half to two pages EACH.

Responses must be written using formal language, including correct grammar and mechanics. MLA citation formatting MUST be used, as well. (Remember, you may use outside ACADEMIC sources, but you are REQUIRED to use your textbook for full credit. Wikipedia does NOT count as an academic source…) This means you’ll need to include a Works Cited page

A. Discuss how the Enlightenment ushered in a new period of political history in Western Europe, and across the globe. What did philosophes, like Voltaire and John Locke, propose and advocate? What were their views on religion, education, and the rights of the common people? How were the American and French Revolutions direct results of Enlightened thinking?(2 pages)

B. Explain Napoleon Bonaparte’s background, and why it made him an unlikely candidate to eventually become Emperor of France. (Specifically, discuss his parents, his education, his experiences as a soldier, and his views on the French Revolution.) How did Napoleon cultivate loyalty as a general, and how did this help him gain control of France as emperor?(2 pages)

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