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You will answer two of the following questions in separate essays:

1) I have argued that the American Revolution had three major components: 1) a shift in ideas about government, rooted in the Enlightenment, 2) an escalating series of political conflicts, and 3) a war.

Describe all three components, and identify how they were related.

2) Spanish and English colonizers utilized “unfree labor” from the late 15th century until the 19th century. Time, geographic location, and racial and ethnic identities shaped the experiences for these laborers.

How did the English and Spanish colonial empires depend on the labor of American Indians, indentured servants, and enslaved Africans? How did colonial powers justify using this unfree labor?

3) Despite their inability to vote, marginalized voices asserted demands for greater freedoms in the Revolutionary period. Among those we have examined are women, African Americans, indentured servants, and other non-landowning European Americans.

Giving appropriate context, explain how TWO of these groups attempted to expand their freedoms during and after the Revolutionary War, and analyze how successful they were.

Read the questions carefully and make sure that your answers address them. I suggest writing write about 2.5- 3 pages (700-900 words) per question. They should be double-spaced, with 12-point font. You may either include both essays in one documents or submit two separate documents.

Your essays should use MANY, SPECIFIC historical examples (arguments, people, documents, events) to illustrate your points (and to prove that you have read the textbook, the Power Points, and all of the primary sources). Your essays should have clear theses, be supported by specific evidence, and be well organized. Use examples from ALL of the relevant course documents to construct a full, detailed answer to the questions. While I encourage you to review your previous assignments as study guides, you may not copy any of them.

Citation Requirements
When you are referencing the ideas of others, you must use citations. When you are referencing the words of others, you must use quotation marks AND citations. A bibliography at the end does not fulfill this requirement.

Using anyone else’s ideas without crediting them is plagiarism – and will result in failure of the assignment (or worse). Your essay(s) should reflect YOUR thinking, but should draw evidence (proof that your ideas are correct) from the assigned sources.

When citing the textbook, list the title in italics and page number(s): Ex) (Give Me Liberty, pp. 468-469)

When citing a primary source, list the first two or three words of the title and page number(s), if available: Ex) (Complaint of an Indentured Servant, p. 59)
Ex) (We Shall Remain: After the Mayflower)

When citing a Power Point, list “Power Point” and topic: Ex) (Power Point, “Declaration of Independence”)

Your essay(s) should reflect YOUR thinking, but should draw evidence (proof that your ideas are correct) from the following sources:
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