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  • The questions must be in APA format with a 150 word minimum response for each question. Please use a scholarly source for references.
  • Each response must have an in text citation
  • Please be sure to use proper grammar and English.

If you are unable to fulfill the above requirements, please do not bid on the work.


  1. Discuss the reform efforts of the Progressive era and the groups involved in those efforts.
  2. Describe the methods used by the various states to bring about reforms in state governments during the Progressive era.
  3. Discuss the involvement of women’s groups in Progressive-era reform movements.
  4. Describe ways in which American culture was influenced by the Progressive movement.
  5. Explain the major reasons for the growing call in the late 1800s for the United States to develop an empire.
  6. Describe the first moves Americans made toward empire.
  7. Explain the major reasons for the Spanish-American War of 1898, and discuss the controversy over imperialism that developed after the war.
  8. Discuss the reasons the United States entered World War I.
  9. Explain the effects of American entry into the war.
  10. Describe the effects of the treaty that ended the war.

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