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I have a history assignment which requires to read the document and respond to these questions:

  • What sort of followers was Bacon hoping to attract?
  • What were his complaints? Do they seem reasonable (if accurate)?
  • What was the “new world” like for indentured servants? What about their trip overseas?
  • Both indentured servitude and slavery are forms of “unfree labor” – this means that workers were employed against their will, unable to leave without the threat of violence, imprisonment, destitution, death…It might be useful not to think of which form of unfree labor was better or worse, but the ways in which they were similar and different.
  • Consider on less summary and more analyze text book: What do the readings tell you about the time period? How do they help you see different perspectives on treatment of those in the “new world” at the hands of Europeans? The more examples, the better!

Citation by citing the article’s name with pages.

The length requires: 500-600 words ( 2pages with double space- time new roman- size 12).

I don’t need to use too much academic words.

View attach file for reading document.

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