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A bioterrorist attack against any country in the world is a serious threat with potentially devastating consequences. These include everything from mass casualties to significant impacts to critical infrastructure. In this week’s reading you were introduced to key Health related resilience program called BioWatch. This DHS sponsored effort is designed to provide early detection of a bioterrorism event. It is further designed to provide a foundation for local communities to prepare a coordinated response. But is it enough? The program combines several activities including: detection, rapid notification, and response planning for all levels of government from a local town, to a country, to a state, to the federal government. Do you believe this effort is enough to address the risk posed by such an attack vector? What other elements do states have to enhance their resilience against a bioterrorist?

Instructions: Fully utilize the materials that have been provided to you in order to support your response. Your initial post should be at least 500 words.

Forum posts are graded on timeliness, relevance, knowledge of the weekly readings, and the quality of original ideas. Sources utilized to support answers are to be cited in accordance with the APA writing style by providing a general parenthetical citation (reference the author, year and page number) within your post, as well as an adjoining reference list. Refer to grading rubric for additional details concerning grading criteria.

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