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A researcher must have a solid understanding of statistical analysis and possible statistical errors, both while designing his or her study and analyzing the data. With the understanding of possible errors, a researcher can take precautionary steps when designing his or her study to minimize or eliminate them. The researcher must know how to evaluate collected data with the most appropriate analysis tools.


Part I: Explain Statistical Errors

While designing a research study, it is vital to understand the different possible primary statistical errors and how to control or minimize them. In relation to this, respond to the following:

  • Summarize and explain the difference between type I and type II errors.
  • Discuss what connection they have with null and alternate hypotheses.

Part II: Determine Methods

  • For M7 Assignment 2 LASA, describe the agency, program, or department you will be using for your program evaluation proposal.
  • Describe the quantitative data that will need to be collected and which design will be used to collect this data.
  • Describe the qualitative data that will need to be collected and which design will be used to collect this data.
  • Part of M7 Assignment 2 LASA will be to describe your data analysis in detail. Your evaluation should be based on a mixed-method design, and you will need to analyze both quantitative and qualitative data. For Part II of this assignment, complete the following:
    • Determine the statistical test you will use to analyze the quantitative data.
    • Justify why this test(s) is a good fit for your analysis.
    • Explain the key components of this test(s).

Your final product will be a 3- to 4-page Microsoft Word document. Utilize two to three scholarly sources in your research.

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