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How does Warren like bobbed hair on a girl?

Warren doesn’t even notice, one way or the other. Men!

Very much — he says it’s the cat’s pajamas!

He HATES it, because his mother did a paper on the Foibles of the Younger Generation and focused especially on the sin of hair bobbing.

Not much, apparently — he turns cold afterward


Whose idea is it for Bernice to bob her hair?

It’s Mrs. Harvey’s idea

It’s Marjorie’s idea

It’s Bernice’s idea

It’s Warren’s idea


Which character in “Bernice Bobs Her Hair” is described as having a fairy-like face and a confusing tongue?

Ethel Demorest

Warren McIntyre

Marjorie Harvey

Cousin Bernice


Which character (or characters) get their hair cut during “Bernice Bobs Her Hair?” (read carefully)

Both Bernice and Marjorie



All the popular girls, to support Bernice!


How is Bernice told to treat men who are “sad birds,” who aren’t very popular?

She’s told to avoid them like the plague — they could kill her social credibility!

She’s told to make fun of them around the other boys

She’s told to be nice to them

She’s told she’d better fall in love with one of them, because she has no hope with anybody else

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