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Drugs enter the body through ingestion, smoke, or injection. The drug travels quickly through the body and either stops or passes through the blood-brain barrier into brain tissue. Different drugs have a different effect on the brain. In this discussion, you will explore this process using different drug types. In most cases of drug use, the person using the drug experiences a neurotransmitter reward (pleasurable feeling). The neurotransmitters responsible for the rewards are: serotonin, dopamine, GABA, glutamate, acetycholine, norepinephrine, and endorphins. Use the scenarios below to make predictions about how the brain will react when those drugs are present.

Choose one of the two audio files below. Listen carefully to the client’s experience of the drug interaction on his/her brain and body. Then, respond to the following questions.

Here is the file that I chose

Unit 2 Discussion | Brianna Transcript
Brianna (teenage female)
I have been wanting to get high for like, months. We smoke dope a lot, but I wanted to do something different and special since we’ll all be graduating from high school soon. Usually, we just smoke a joint or two on the weekend, but last night, we finally got a chance to try it. So, we paid for 2 grams and waited till my parents left for the weekend. Then, we used. I did my first line at about 6:00pm and WOW! I have never felt anything like this before. It was like a jolt went through my body numbing my tongue, nose, and lips. Usually, I am the quiet one from my crowd. Not last night — I began talking and I don’t remember stopping. My friends couldn’t stand my chatter, so I went outside. I had my phone, so WHY NOT? I started dialing numbers randomly and talking to whoever answered the phone. I did this for what felt like hours. I just felt amazing: energized, free, and clearer than I ever have. Only problem was, I couldn’t sleep at all last night or today. All I know is that I can’t wait to do it again!

Please read this transcript and then respond to the questions thank you. The discussion needs to be 400-450 words, the questions are below thank you

  1. Which drug do you think that the client is describing? Explain your choice and include information about the drug class of this specific drug (e.g. LSD is a hallucinogen).
  2. Based on the drug that you selected, explain how the drug specifically interacts with the brain to reward it (to use again). Make predictions about how the brain might react to steady use of this drug.
  3. What are some problems that the brain and body might experience during withdrawal from this drug?

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