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Detailed job requirements are in the word document

Choose one of the four poems at the end of the assignment to analyze and answer the following two assignment parts.

Responses can be turned in one of two ways. If you just want the grade with minimal feedback, you can submit to the assignment drop box on Canvas (please only submit as .doc, .rtf, or pdf files. No .pages extensions). I will not provide a lot of feedback on papers submitted in the drop box. If you want more extensive feedback, please turn in a paper copy of your response (no drop box needed). Do NOT e-mail me response papers. Late papers will lose 2 points per each day the assignment is late.

Make sure the responses are your own. Any papers that are identical will receive a grade of zero (0).

Part one (25 pts):

Break apart at least four lines of the poem (more would be helpful). Here are some things to think about. Don’t answer the questions specifically. Just break apart the poem (see below).


What does each line mean? Ask questions if you need to.

Is there imagery in the poem? Does the poem make use of metaphor or simile to give further insight into the poem’s message? Are there any important symbols in the poem?

What double meanings do some of the words have? Think about how words or phrases in the poem may have both literal and figurative meanings. Paraphrase and exchange words if you need to. Are there any plays on the meaning of a word or any puns in the poem? Are any words used in such a way that their meaning is uncertain?

Is any of the poem’s language ironic—does the implied meaning oppose the surface-level meaning in some way? How does this affect the overall meaning or message of the poem?


Think about how the poem’s language and the context in which it’s written create a tone—is the tone angry, sad, thoughtful, jubilant? How might this contribute to the poem’s meaning?

Identify the speaker and the intended audience.

What can you tell about the speaker based on the content of the poem? Is the speaker male or female, young or old? Is the speaker addressing anyone in particular? Be sure to make notes about how you were able to infer this from the poem.

Identify the specific setting of time and place.

Does the poem offer any information about the setting in which the poem’s action or situation is occurring? This can be concrete information or abstract information.

Part two (25 pts):

Sum up your findings into a concise, well written paragraph about the meaning of the entire poem.

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