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You will also have an opportunity in this assignment to explain your thoughts regarding how media affects culture and how you can continue developing your media literacy.

Choose a product or service from these examples:

  • Fast food
  • Class of consumer product
  • Personal care
  • Automobile

Research the Internet to analyze how that product or service has been advertised.

Prepare a 15- to 20-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you investigate the role of advertising in a culture of consumerism. Be sure to discuss the following:

  • Who determines ethical standards for advertising?
  • In what ways has advertising affected American culture?
  • What are the key persuasive techniques used in consumer advertising? Illustrate with specific examples, explaining how each technique works.
  • Discuss some of the critical issues that may arise from the following areas:
  • Children and advertising
  • Advertising in schools
  • Health and advertising
  • Political advertising
  • Find one example of a commercial that strikes you as particularly creative and appealing:
  • What are the elements that are unusual?
  • What is the target group of the commercial?
  • How does the commercial appeal to consumers?
  • Why do you believe this commercial to be effective in brand name recognition?
  • How are ethical standards met (or pushed to their limits)?

Include detailed speaker notes and images that support your content. Each slide should have 3 to 4 bullets of text which are a high-level overview of what’s included in your speaker notes. You may write the speaker notes in the notes section of your selected presentation tool or in a separate Word document.

List any references on the last slide.

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