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I am needing a short post (2 paragraphs) for the following topic: View this interactive discussion scenario and answer the question(s) posed at the end of the presentation.

The video link includes a notes tab which provides the transcript to the video.

Please use MLA citations if including reference.

I will also need 2 peer response created. Please see the post created by my classmates below:

1) If I was a manager over a sales team that was upset over another managers bonus plan.

I would first email each person and get their opinion on the new bonus plan. I would then compile all of that information and schedule a meeting with the other manager to discuss the new bonus plan. Before the meeting, I would create a new bonus plan that would benefit everyone instead of just two employees. I would listen to the other managers reasoning in creating the bonus plan and also give him my ideas and opinion about the bonus plan. Then I would let the other manager know what everyone else thinks about the new bonus plan (Anonymously of course) and then present my own ideas for a bonus plan.

If he does not go for the new bonus plan. Then I would make my own bonus plan available to all employees, or at least to where ALL the employees could be eligible for the bonus.


2) Based on the information I reviewed. I find that I am a visual learner. I agree with this because sometimes for me I have to see the whole process drawn out before i can fully understand the content. Sometimes I can work a problem backwards with the answer being provided to me. I think it would best to communicate with Larry that discussion of bonuses should be kept to a minimum. I would state that it’s not certain yet if the company will be giving them out and to who. Keeping it to a minimum might reduce hurt feelings if bonuses are not given. It will also make him think that bonuses are not gauranteed and if he gets one he will be happier because he was now thinking they might not be given. I would also encourage him to change the way the bonus plan is setup. Changing it to tiers instead of meeting a final sales goal. This would encourage other employees to participate. This way all employees could attempt to meet this goals. Employees are smart and can often look at a goal and know right away who will or will not meet that goal. Setting goals for bonuses that are taylored for certain employees are not fair and will lower employee moral.


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