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After reading the list of 30 Universal Human Rights you may have feelings about how the US in the past or currently has failed to live up to the ideals of the Declaration. All countries are imperfect. There are non-profit agencies which serve as watch dogs over human rights issues around the world. One group is Human Rights Watch and another is Amnesty International . Go to the website of one of these organizations and find a serious violation that has occurred in the country you were assigned (the country back when you filled out the information for the Assignment 1919 Status). Make sure that you choose something that has happened in that country IN YOUR LIFETIME. You must write the situation in your own words. Do not cut and paste. Make the event make sense within the history you understand about the country–before the World Wars, what happened in the world wars, during the Cold War, or since the Cold War was over in 1991. Be sure to connect it to what has been explained in class or in the text.

my country is Tanzania

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