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Sally finished her master’s program in counseling and has been completing an internship at a local counseling center for the past two years with Dr. Leinhertz, a male clinical psychologist. At the conclusion of her internship, Sally wrapped up her work, got a glowing letter of recommendation from Dr. Leinhertz, and accepted a therapist position in a small private practice across town. Six months later, she had a chance meeting with Dr. Leinhertz at a local grocery store and the two begin talking about her new position. Dr. Leinhertz confided to Sally that he always found her interesting and attractive, but that he did not want to blur the lines of their professional relationship by bringing it up during her internship. Sally was flattered and somewhat excited by this interest from the doctor, whom she not only respects as a professional, but finds attractive as well.

In your initial post, address each of the following questions and items:

  • What are the professional ethics and norms regarding the initiation of social and/or sexual relationships with trainees after they have graduated (and when the supervisors have no professional obligations to the trainees)? How does your response to this question apply to the case of Sally and Dr. Leinhertz?
  • Describe the boundaries of what is acceptable behavior by Dr. Leinhertz and Sally.

Support your responses naming and describing relevant ethical codes.

not a essay, just discussion post

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