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You will choose any idea from the class or the books, and then test it out in your

personal life, studies, or work environment by making some changes in your behavior

over a 2-3 week period. The intention is for you to actually apply the concepts you

are learning. After you actively experiment with your idea, you’ll write a 2-page

report (2+ full pages typed, double-spaced). Due on only. Include:

1) the class concept you chose to test in your everyday life (home/school/work)

2) a detailed description of the specific actions you took over a 2-3 week period

3) the results you got

4) your analysis of the results

5) your conclusions (what you learned about your original concept).

Use idea from weeks 4-7

Week 4 – M: Lies Your Teacher Told You (history; education; intelligences)

T: More Beautiful World: Science

W: Sparks of Genius: Ch. 6-Recognizing Patterns

Week 5 – M/T: Fear & the Need to Belong (conformity; stress; social beings)

W: More Beautiful World: Morphogenesis; Newness

Th: Sparks of Genius: Ch. 8-Analogizing

Week 6 – M/T: You Can Change Your Mind (neuroplasticity)

W: More Beautiful World: Urgency; Doing; Non-Doing

Th: Sparks of Genius: Ch. 9-Body Thinking

Week 7 – M/T: “Don’t Just Do Something – Sit There!” (mindfulness, meditation)

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