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Remember, there are 50 questions worth 2 points each. You will have 90 minutes to complete this exam… it will automatically submit at the end of the session.

The questions are selected randomly, so you may have similar questions on similar topics (with similar answers) so answer them as correctly as possible. Make sure to check through your answers BEFORE you submit them.

Unit I Test Review

The Roots of Democracy

Review Questions

1.Define popular sovereignty

2.What is political apathy?

3.Americans and their political knowledge

4.What is the Social Contract Theory of Government and who are the philosophers linked to it?

5.What are these early political philosophers known for: John Locke and John Stuart Mill?

6.What are the differences between direct and in-direct democracy?

7.What are the main characteristics of Capitalism?

8.Define Democracy and constitutional government

9.What are the differences between these decision making theories: elite theory, pluralism, bureaucratic theory?

10.What are the key characteristics of American democracy?

Identify or Define

Popular Consent
Political ideology
Political culture
Autocracy, oligarchy, monarchy, authoritarian

The Founding and the Constitution

Review Questions

1.Why was the Stamp Act Congress significant?

2.What was meaning and purpose of the Declaration of Independence?

3.The Declaration of Independence was penned by whom?

4.What were the characteristics of the Articles of Confederation?

5.What was the Great Compromise (Virginia Plan vs. New Jersey Plan) and what disputes did it solve?

6.What are the primary functions for each of the three branches of government: Legislative, Executive, and Judicial?

7.Why was the Bill of Rights added to the US Constitution right after ratification? (Anti-Federalists vs. Federalists)

8.What do the first ten amendments address?

9.What is the process (two stages of votes needed) for amending the Constitution?

Identify or Define

Bicameral Legislative Branch
Checks and Balances
Separation of Powers
Elastic Clause (Necessary and Proper clause)
The Federalist Papers


Review Questions

1.State and national governments under the US Constitution are accountable to whom?

2.States’ reserve (police) powers – what are they and which amendment grants them?

3.What are the National Enumerated powers? Define and name at least three.

4.What is the court case McCulloch v. Maryland’s significance to national power?

5.What are the characteristics of Dual Federalism?

6.What is the Dred Scott case’s significance to state power?

7.The New Deal Years – how did this change the nature of federalism?

8.What is considered “Marble Cake” federalism? Describe the power balance in this stage.

9.What are the main characteristics of Cooperative Federalism?

10.How does the “the Carrot and Stick nature of Federalism” and practice of Congress forcing states to adopt certain laws in order to receive federal funds affect the balance of power?

Identify or Define

Supremacy Clause
Full Faith and Credit Clause
Mandates (define) and Un-funded mandates (controversy)
Block grants
Categorical grants

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