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The paper must follow the format outlined below:

  • APA format and roughly
  • 5 double-spaced pages in length.
  • A sample Proposal is in Canvas. You are encouraged to use this Proposal format as a template.
  • It should be answering some question such as: How do cultural differences impact communication? – Make your topic something that answers a question – so you need to state the question. That is what makes it a “research paper” — you need a “research question”

Paper Title Page

Try to keep title within about nine words in length.


This section introduces the organization, what might be done better there, and why this improvement is important. It reduces the problem to “layman’s terms.”

Context of the Problem (or Topic)

Describe the background of, and introduction to the problem. Also define specific technical terms and acronyms that may not be in the reader’s/customer’s vocabulary. Only define terms used in the paper; do not add other terms that may be used in the company or industry but are not used elsewhere in the proposal.

Statement of the Problem

This clarifies the purpose of the study. What do you expect will be better as a result of your study? Ensure that there is a clear statement something like “The purpose of this study is to improve …”

Specific Research Question

Describe briefly but succinctly what you will be trying to learn. Perhaps state the null and alternate hypotheses, and clarify them in layman’s terms.

Review of the Related Literature

Review at least three references in the literature. At least one of these must discuss the underlying operations research/quantitative methods theory of the study, quoting sources as appropriate.

Discuss the underlying theory regarding the benefits expected, quoting sources as appropriate.

Research Implication

Are there any lessons learned? What actions do YOU recommend to solve or improve the problem? This should by your suggestions based upon the research you do.


This should be a high-level summary of what you found in your research.

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