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Before you write it I want::::::::::: + { 1- planning page, 2-rough draft , 3- the assay. } 1- the planning page : should come with :[ 1- general topic, 2- narrowed/ restricted topic, 3- three point related to the narrowed topic , 4-clustering : put the narrowed topic and three points in a graphic drawing. use a separate sheet of paper. this graphic drawing is also called “mapping ” or ” webbing”. ,6- sketch/topic outline write your main ideas and supporting details in the appropriate spaces. adjust the sketch outline as needed. do not write complete sentences in this topic outline . you will construct a sentence outline later. Remember : if you have A, you must have B, at least. you may go on to C,D,E, and beyond. the same applies to the numbers. if you have 1, you must have 2. ]

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