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Based on this summary and these references below, Identify an historical figure that you would like to study more intensively. Then choose at least two theorists from the book to compare and contrast on the individual of your choice. The goal is to use the theories to explain/describe the selected historical figures life and development.Identify your sources for the paper by performing a literature search. From this search you will need to select a minimum of 8 sources. The 8 sources must be comprised of a combination of at least 5 books, review chapters, AND/OR journal articles. You will need additional sources focusing on the historical figure and sources detailing the theories selected. Read the sources carefully and take notes on the important points. Then outline and write your paper (suggested length -7 to 9 typed, double-spaced pages). For this assignment, you must consider the views of 2 to 4 theorists (ERIKSON AND FREUD).

he paper is to be written in a Modified APA Style:

1. Cover page

2. Introduction

3. References


Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston on January 17, 1706 to poor parents. Despite his background, Franklin became gentleman, scholar, an educated scientist, entrepreneur, politician, and, maybe more importantly, a man of significant Psychological influence.

Franklin suggested a famous psychological phenomenon, the Ben Franklin effect. In the phenomenon, Franklin argued that, when we help a man out, we tend to like them more accordingly. This is on the grounds that we legitimize our activities to ourselves that we helped them out on the grounds that we preferred them (McConkey et al, 2002).

Franklin, Freud and Erikson based their physiological ideas on the psychodynamic approach, they saw human working in view of the collaboration of drives and strengths inside the individual, especially oblivious, and between the diverse structures of the identity.

Then again, Erikson recognized the fundamental thoughts of Freudian hypothesis, yet trusted that people developed for the entire duration of their life span, while Freud said that our identity is formed by the age of five and Franklin agreed with Erikson to a vast augment since according to him, the Ben Franklin effect is not a subject of age.


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