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Please respond to one of the following questions in a carefully written essay of 2-3 pages (double space, 12 font). Your essay should have a brief formal introduction that gives the reader your thesis, a body in which you argue for your thesis , and a brief conclusion summarizing what you have done in the essay. Please begin thinking about your topic early. These analytic papers, albeit short, take time.

These short essays should be organized, using paragraphs. Write for your reader, using clear, simple language. Assume your reader is not familiar with the material. Use quotes where appropriate, and cite the location in parentheses after the sentence.

Before writing the paper you should have carefully read Plato’s Cave, The Apology, and viewed our class video on The Cave. You may search the Web to see other versions of the Cave.

Choose ONE to write on.

  1. Identify and describe the four main parts of Plato’s Cave. Show how each part has relevance to your life. Be very specific about places, dates, and people.

2. Find “Platonic” or philosophical themes in the film The Matrix. What are a few of these main themes and how do they relate to your everyday experience in the 21st century?

3. Socrates is found guilty of corrupting the youth, in Plato’s Apology. He was executed. Did he offer a strong defense? If so, why was he found guilty? If not, why not? You may shape this one in many different ways.

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