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Please share what you’ve learned from your comparison essay in the paper you wrote. (paper attached)

  1. Identity the race or ethnic group you evaluated in your paper.
  2. What was the topic you explored on your paper?
  3. Why was it important for you to investigate this issue amongst the two groups?
  4. What are the major issues found amongst the two groups?
  5. Provide a summary of your findings
  6. Why are these findings significant?
  7. What do you think could be done to help this issue?
  8. Create a question for your peers to answer.

Please create a discussion.

And reply to these two discussions : –


I researched on the Hmong and Chinese women. I focused on three distinct trivializations women were facing. One is the similar view of their culture which is heavily influenced by men. Second their transition their background to the states. Lastly how they coped or did not and the help they formed. The Chinese focused in a patriarchal way of living while the Hmong lived a kinship lifestyle. The effects of this caused both women to change views of their culture in the states. While the women appreciate their culture, it was too much to handle once they knew that they had freedom in the states and more opportunities for their children.

The Hmong men culture was a lot harsher towards women but like the Chinese men had to make all the decisions. Some major issues the Hmong women faced was the beatings and killings of women and children in their kinship lifestyle and the repression of the Chinese culture with women being at home and having their feet binding just for the sake of duty to a man and family.

Although the cultures faced a dark past, women knew things will get better in due time. For the Hmong, organizations were created for the protection of Hmong and Laos women from their partners and transition into the US lifestyle. Chinese women finally had the ability to become free in the US after WWII because of the laws put into place. All these findings shaped the rights and freedom of Asian women in the states.

Since culture is very much important in the Asian community’s things have changed but my focus was not on the modern way of how Asian women live now but how the transition how women coped through the male dominated years because of their cultural background.

Question – – –

How has the male dominated culture change now within the family?


For my essay, I compared Chinese and Filipino American women. I explored the differences between religion, culture, and family systems between both groups. Then, I explored their experiences as immigrants in America such as whether they adapted to American views and ideals, the jobs they were able to acquire, as well as their overall experience as women in America. It was important for me to investigate these issues because I am Filipino American and I wanted to know more about what my mother and family members experienced as immigrants. Also, Chinese and Filipinos have such large populations in America and came to America more early on in American history than other Asian groups. Major issues that I found among the two groups was how both Filipino and Chinese women came from very different ideals. For example, Filipinos have many outside influence such as American and Spanish influence, while the Chinese did not really have any outside experience. Therefore, Filipino Americans had the advantage of already knowing English and transitioned easier than the Chinese. I also found Filipino Americans were more liberal and egalitarian and had similar ideals to Hispanic and White Americans and compared to Chinese Americans who were very conservative. Both cultures had similar experiences with the feminist movement, because they did not feel they were represented and identified with white feminist groups and sought to make their own organizations. I also found that Filipino and Chinese Americans both had struggles finding jobs and faced racism and sexism. Filipinos commonly worked as care givers, while Chinese Americans worked in the garment industry. Both were qualified for higher jobs, but often time, racism was experienced and they just accepted jobs that they were overqualified for. These findings are significant because even though America is the land of opportunity and a melting pot of cultures, people believe that racism must not exist here, but it is a problem. People just have to look past skin color and physical appearance and look at qualifications for job positions.

Do you think that other Asian American groups experience more injustice than others?


this is the critiria : –

• Your response must be both relevant (answers the question being asked) and substantial
(demonstrates a thoughtful, informed response).
• Demonstrate your comprehension of the course concepts and your ability to convey a well-informed
opinion (i.e., no brief, off-the-top-of-your-head responses).
• You are required to make specific references to the course materials being discussed (i.e., all of the
assigned readings, etc.). Demonstrate that you are keeping up with the readings and assignments.
• Your response should be original, not rehashed from lecture notes.
• If you answer something simply to the effect of “I agree,” you will receive zero credit.
• You may pose questions and suggest alternative explanations for another student’s interpretation of
the material.
• When intellectually appropriate, give examples from your personal experience.

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