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  • Paper Description:
    • Your assignment is to research your own family’s immigration story and answer the questions listed below. (You only need to research one side of your family.)
      • Who were the first people in your family to come to the United States of America?
      • When did they come?
      • Why did they come?
      • What experiences did they have once they came here?
    • If you are the first person to come to America in your family, please write your own story along with information on your family history. Please go as far back into your family history as you can.
    • You must include a Family History Chart with your paper.
  • Structure:
    • 2-3 page paperwith 1” margins, Times New Roman, Double Spaced
    • Either Chicago or Turabian format. Double check for spelling and grammar errors.
    • Identify resources used in your paper and then list them again at the end of the paper. (I have placed an example of how to do interviews on blackboard.)
    • A detailed rubric is provided.
  • Your paper submission to Blackboard should include the following:
    • A 2-3 page paper.
    • A proper Works Cited Page. (Help can be found on blackboard or through the library.)
    • The Ancestry Chart (Fill in as fully as possible.)

    Just make up some stuff. I seriously don’t care. I am African American.

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