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Prior to completing this discussion, please read chapter 13 in the textbook and watch the two required videos: John Bowlby: Attachment theory across generations: Elements of attachment Theory and Mary Ainsworth: Attachment and the growth of love: Patterns of attachment and the strange situation: Results

Research has shown that early attachment can have far reaching effects on development. The works of Bowlby and Ainsworth have illustrated the importance of early experiences with caregivers to healthy development. Your original post must be a minimum of 300 words and cite the three required sources listed above. In this discussion, address the following:

  • In your own words briefly describe the four stages of attachment identified by Bowlby and the four types of attachment identified by Ainsworth.
  • Analyze how attachment experiences might affect the psychosocial, cognitive and physical development of children and adolescents.
    • What are the possible long term effects of poor attachment experiences in each of these developmental domains?
    • How do positive attachment experiences promote healthy development

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