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Jefferson’s` Revolution

The election of 1800 was between Thomas Jefferson a Republican and John Adams a Federalists, changing politics forever. The campaign turned into personal attacks and counter attacks: like the Presidential campaigns of today,

Jefferson`s election was the beginning of a new revolution in which the American democracy or plausibly any democracy institution (especially since, for all intents and purposes, the US was the first representative democracy in the world) was tested for a peaceful transition of power from rival parties in a US presidential election (Freeman). Jefferson focus throughout his presidency was on states` rights (obviously the converse of federalism, just by reasoning or deciphering that federalists favored federal (more) control over the states (thus the salient issue of state’s rights would naturally be a slogan and position that a anti-federalists, or maybe even just a non-federalist would take in a presidential campaign) (Jefferson America: A second Revolution) when your foremost opponent is a federalist, like the incumbent President John Adams. Mr. Jefferson, a Democratic-Republican, besides advocating for more state’s control over their own affairs, promoted individual liberties during and after his successful campaign, and as our 3rd US President, probably made the single biggest land purchase and expansion of US control in American History (the Louisiana Purchase), was a good negotiator including compromising to avoid wars, and then changed many of the Federalists policies and decreased the government debt.

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