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One of the most important key words to take away from this is the idea of a justified true belief. In society today there are ways to justify different opinions of the same data, thus making both sides of an issue having a knowledge of what is correct even when they are completely opposite of one another.

Knowledge can be so many different things based on all of the factors that are involved and where we see knowledge coming from directly, whether it is through reason, intuition, outside sources or internal. People take in so many different things to create their knowledge base.

This can be difficult when it comes to psychological research because everyone’s understanding of one item can be different. While we can place number values onto items to help overcome some of these issues, there are still differences in how different people perceive the same concept. For example, when I am researching motivation in students, this may look different for each participate of what motivation is- teachers may see motivation as paying attention in class while a student may see motivation as not absolutely hating doing the thing they are currently working on.

Please respond to the above question with 150-250 words and please use at least 1 reference in APA 6th edition format and please make sure reference is peer reviewed article/journal and please provide doi or www info for reference, if applicable

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