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Based on this…

Respond to other people’s postings, so that we are having a conversation together. Notice which other postings inspire new ideas in you, and respond substantively and meaningfully.

Please reply these 3 comments (150 words each):

1. Sara Oliveira : In this chapter, Dunham is talking about the power of art and how it helps deal with the problems we face. He says creative life is not just for artists, and I agree with this. Art can be a way of letting out emotions, telling a story, or just letting the imagination grow. A person doesn’t have to be an artist to have emotions, tell a story or let their imagination grow. In the Lascaux cave painting example, I see a bunch of animals, some larger than others, and to me that shows that those animals were important to whoever the creator was. There are a ton of cave paintings that we can look at today and it helps us learn about life back then. We may consider whoever created them to be artists, but I don’t believe they considered themselves artists at the time. They were just expressing their feelings and drawing their way of life. People who find it hard to communicate their feelings through words may find an outlet through art. I personally do not relate to this. I never find myself drawing or writing to express myself. I usually am good at speaking and working out how I feel. I do, however, know friends who aren’t artists but can relate. Whether they doodle in a notebook, write out how they feel, or anything else close to the subject, they attempt to solve their problems through art.

2. Justine Gamez :The example Dunham uses about the Lascaus cave paintings to talk about the power of art is a really great example. Just looking at the image you can see many stories that the picture could be telling. At first the picture looks simple, but as you look deeper you can start to see some really intricute details. I absolutely agree that the “creative life” is not just for artists. Using art can definately be a way of telling and addressing lifes problems. I would not consider myself to be an artist, but I would be able to tell a great story and let pout a great deal of emotion with a pen and paper without even saying a word.

3. Harrison Pham : I agree with Dunham that creative life is a way of addressing the problems that occur in our life. Dunham believes art is interpreted as problems and solutions. I agree with Dunham because like most of us, we all have problems and sometimes it is difficult to express our problems. Instead of expressing our problems verbally, some may express it through the way they perform in school, by interacting with one another, or by drawing it out. With difficult problems come with insufficient solutions. Finding the solution to a problem may be difficult at times. Some people cope with their problems through drugs or being isolated in a quiet environment. The way I find my solutions to a problem is by playing basketball. This applies all of us. We all have our own ways addressing our problems and finding the solutions for it. As for artists, they find their solutions through their work.

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