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This assignment is a continuation of assignment 4. Now that you have reviewed the research on behavior change strategies on your chosen topic, it is time to apply it. Drawing from your literature review, propose a local prevention program or campaign to address the issue. Incorporate evidence (research) to justify your proposed activities. You may use the textbook, the references from your literature review, and/or new references. Whatever you use, always cite everything you use that comes from a source and include those sources in your references. Plagiarism, including using direct text from sources without using quotes and in-text citations (i.e. copying and pasting), will garner a 0 on the assignment.

Use APA style and include a title page, running head, level 1 headers, page numbers, in-text citations, and a reference page. The page limit is 1 to 1.5 pages and your title and reference pages will not count towards it. Write for a general academic audience in third person (do not use “I,” “me,” “we,” you,” “us”…). Double space and use 12 point font consistent with APA style (refer to the tutorial (Links to an external site.)!). For this assignment, use the following headings (level 1) and include the following content:

  • Program Description: Provide an overview of the program or campaign and its proposed activities. Include a sufficient level of detail so that your audience can understand what will be done and for/with whom. Remember, this is about behavior change, so we need to know whose behavior you will be changing (audience) and how (strategies).
  • Justification: This is where you provide evidence that supports why this program should work. Present (and cite!) research and theories that tell your audience that your program is backed up by science. Here you may use any combination of the references from your literature review, your textbook, and new references – just be sure to cite your sources and include them in your references!
  • Anticipated Outcomes: Drawing from research, explain what outcomes you expect from your proposed program. What change do you anticipate that you’ll see and why? This should be informed by and supported by evidence (research), so cite!

Remember to keep this paper within the realm of social psychology. This paper should focus on prevention and utilize social psychological concepts. If you find yourself delving into diagnosis and treatment (like therapy), that is a red flag and you should ask me for guidance.


-Make sure it is APA Style please.

-The topic is LGBT RIGHTS. please do not get off topic.

-Once you have bid I will give you a log in to access SCHOLARLY ARTICLES and CREDIBLE sites. NO PLAGIARISM.

– Please do not exceed 1.5 pages.

If you have any questions please please ask me so we don’t have any confusion and the work is done corrrectly.

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