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Locus of control can be broken down to two separate simple definitions control, and locus. Control is defined as a power that affects the outcome through directly manipulating events, individuals, and activities. Locus, simply means a place, position, or point where an event takes place. Locus of control is broken down into two separate subcategories internal and external. For example, a person with an internal locus of control will accept personal responsibility for all their success or failures. A person with external locus of control will blame all their failures, and credit all success on others.

There are several mental, and physical issues as well as social learning issues about the internal and external locus of control. The common behavioral weaknesses with those who possess an internal locus of control are perfectionism within themselves, aggressive behavior, driven, drug addiction, and depression within males, and lacks tolerance of others about poor performance (Bavojdan, Towhidi, & Rahmati, 2011), (Zawawi & Hamaideh, 2009). On the other hand, females with an internal locus of control demonstrated better adjustment to social change and good mental health. Those who possess an external locus of control show a lack of responsibility and focus. They will also blame others for mistakes and have issues when working in a team environment. Females who have an external locus of control do not adjust to change and are shown to suffer more mental health issues over those with an internal locus of control (“Locus of control and its relationship with mental health and adjustment among adolescent females,” 2015).

Locus of control whether internal or external, create who we are, and drives us to who we will become. There are many issues involved in the two separate forms of control, and we all can point to someone that has blamed other for their mistakes or taken credit for a team’s success. So how do you classify someone who takes the credit for success and blames everyone else for their failures or those who take credit for their mistakes and congratulate their team for the success? Psychologists refer to this locus of control as dual-dimensional view (Lefcourt, 2003). Many people have dealt with individuals who possess this type of behavior, and in many cases thought of this scenario while reading the first paragraph of this post. Whether, the internal, external or mixed locus of control effects how we see the world and behave.


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