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There are definite similarities in business writing and public writing. Immediately, I think of the fact that both are intended to inform their audiences in a way that expresses authoritative knowledge of the subject matter. In that sense, they are both forms of persuasive writing. I think, in some subtle way, both are calls to action (even though the actions called for may be completely different).

The differences seem to be more nuanced. While both are written to influence an audience through persuasion, business writing would be driven more by self-interest (personal benefits to the writer or business sponsoring the piece) while public writing would be driven more by an interest in what is best for the public. Public writing is (or should be) more likely to present facts without a spin than business writing. It should also be less likely to omit negative information (from the writer’s perspective) on a subject than business writing would. Business writing may include more nuanced jargon or terms that its intended audience would understand, but not necessarily others outside that group. Public writing would include wording and terms that a wide audience could understand. Because of that, business writing might seem more technical and public writing more basic.

Public writing seems to come more naturally to me. I think a good business writer has to have more characteristics of a good salesman, and I am not a good salesman. I tend to look at the pros and cons of an issue and, if asked to offer opinions on them, lay out both the positives and the negatives—and allow the members of an audience to make up their own minds based on that information. It is one of the reasons sports broadcasting appeals to me. While not in written form, I get to communicate with an audience by relaying to them the accounts of the things I see first-hand. It’s not my job to sell them on whether or not they should be engaged, it is my job to relay the action to them and allow them to decide in their minds whether it is something they should attach themselves to or not.

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