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Sketch the context for, define, and tell the significance/after-effect of each, in terms of late-19th & early-20th-century American history & culture

please write 4-6 lines for each of the terms.

“Melting Pot” (1890s-1960s in its original meaning).

Taylorism vs. “speeding-up the gang” & pacemakers (1880s-1930s).

“second wave” of U.S. immigration (1845-1924).

National Labor Relations Act (1935) & Fair Labor Standards Act (1938).

Essay Questions :-

1. Years after the publication of his Socialist novel The Jungle, Upton Sinclair ironically noted the chiefly Progressive impact of his book, stating that he “had taken aim at America’s heart and hit instead its stomach.” Compare & contrast the two, major, early-20th-century reform-minded ideologies of Progressivism and Socialism.

2. How has Englehardt’s concept of “victory culture” been reflected in war toys, films & TV series since WWII? (Be sure to cite specific examples from the 3 periods discussed in the book: the peak, fall and potential revival of the “victory culture” since World War II.)

3. In what ways was the Progressive Era (1906-20) truly “progressive” or not; and the “New Deal” (1933-38) really “new” or not, especially in regards to the health, safety and daily lives of U.S. workers and consumers?

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