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Mental disorders by themselves can be frightening and disorienting. Other disabilities, either physical disability or cognitive disability, also can make life difficult. Alcohol and drug misuse bring their own brand of misery and undesirable consequences. When two diagnoses, a disorder or a disability, and substance misuse are combined, they can each worsen the other and devastate their victim. The helping profession has not always provided effective support for those with a dual diagnosis. Turf wars on which diagnosis is primary and which agency is responsible together with state funding streams have not been conducive to addressing a client with multiple needs. Those who are able to secure services at both a substance misuse agency and a mental health agency, either sequentially or simultaneously, do not always fare well because this separate treatment does not address the interaction between the mental illness and the alcohol and drug misuse. In the 1980s, there was some reform that encouraged substance abuse agencies to have special programs for those with a dual diagnosis. Despite this reform, in 2005, it was found that among the 5.2 million adults with a dual diagnosis, 53% received no treatment and almost 34% only received treatment for mental health problems. In this Discussion, you will look at one of the mental disorders that commonly occurs with substance misuse. Please answer the following questions:

1.Discuss post-traumatic stress disorder that results from combat and post-traumatic stress disorder that results from natural disasters. Explain the interaction with substance misuse.

2.Discuss use of The Quadrant Model.

3.Discuss at least three of the seven principles of integrated treatment practices.

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