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Located several current sets of ethical standards used by various counseling professionals. For this assignment, reference the ACA Code of Ethics as well as any other ethical codes from professional organizations specific to your program (that is AMHCA’s 2010 Principles of AMHCA Code of Ethics, NBCC’s 2012 Code of Ethics, NAADAC’s 2011 Code of Ethics.

Part One

Research two ethical codes that are relevant to your specialization. Identify at least two specific standards in each of the codes that address ethical issues that you did not consider prior to researching the code. Explain why the standards stand out as important for counselors in your specialization. The description of the standards should be written in your own words in third person, paraphrasing the information you have located; do not use any direct quotes from the materials. Address how you will remain abreast of changes as the ethical codes are updated.

Part Two

Document the location of the laws regulating the practice of counseling in your state. These will be the regulations that outline the requirements for becoming licensed/certified in the state, as well as the laws pertinent to the practice of counseling (such as requirements for continuing education, mandated reporting laws, and so on).

·In your own words: Describe where you found these laws and include the link to the Web site.

·How are notices about new laws and regulations in your state made available to practicing counselors? For example, some states allow counselors to sign up for email notices of new legislation; or it is published in the state counseling journals/newsletters. Do some research to find out how this information is provided in your own state and provide a brief description of how you will stay informed about new laws and pending legislation made available to counselors in your state. Include the full references to publications or links to Web sites where this information is provided.

For the state of North Carolina

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