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After reading this assignment I knew one everyday issue that most people tend to struggle with. Addictions to Technology or similar objects. If you have ever went to a supermarket or even to the park now and days you will see most people with their faces plugged away into a phone, tablet or something of the sort. I know that I am guilty of this even when I was in the military and even now I find myself looking at my phone or on the internet looking up off the wall things as I have discovered you can find almost anything on the internet. So the issue would be a personal problem and it affects almost everyone (that understands or uses technology).
My proposed solution to this would be to plan time away from the phone and enjoy the outdoors as I use to. Many people tend to let the beautiful and priceless experiences pass by. I say taking a step back or going into the mountains (where cell service is almost completely gone) to enjoy the beautiful smells and sights I am sure that we will see. I just think that technology has become more involved in our lives than we notice. I know that I may get distracted by playing World of Warcraft or playing on Xbox/Playstation that I tend to forget things or ignore people around me. A step away from technology may not always be possible but to get away from things we dont 100% need to be doing may let us realize other things.

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