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Length: 4 pages minimum

Assignment Topic

Write a biography on an artist (USE MICHALANGELO) whose active period falls within the timeframe of this course. Be as thorough as possible. Please note: Make sure to choose an artist early and gather your resources as we don’t have a lot of information on earlier artists – you may have to choose another artist.

Include the following information:

  1. Artist’s background – well-known personality traits, childhood family life, education and training, marriage, children, important dates like birth, death, major exhibitions, etc. (50 points)
  2. Career – major successes or failures, well known works, medium the artist worked in, typical subject matter, styles the artist worked in (40 points)
  3. Lifetime – Major events/technology that occurred in the artist’s lifetime that shaped his/her work (40 points)
  4. Influences – who influenced the artist and whom the artist influenced; include an example of another artist’s work that you believe was influenced by your chosen artist and describe those characteristics (40 points)
  5. Conclusion – Why did you choose the artist? What did you learn? (10 points)

Important Guidelines:


  • Organize this material into a 4 page formal research paper.
  • It should be double spaced with a 1” margin and type size should not exceed 12 pts.
  • Art History, as a discipline, utilizes the MLA style.


  • Please use at least two book and unlimited internet resources.
  • Always cite your sources!
  • Please read the document, “Important-Tips to Avoid Plagiarism” located in the Content section.
  • Please note: Wikipedia and other “Wiki-” websites are not acceptable sources of information for any assignment in this class.


  • Remember to proofread!
  • Submit your completed paper to the Midterm folder in the Dropbox section of the course.
  • The Midterm dropbox will not be available until you have completed the Plagiarism Tutorial and Quiz, which can be accessed through the Content area of the course.


Final Paper Grade Scale: 162-180= A, 144-161= B, 126-143= C, 108-125= D, 0-107= F

Grade Criteria
180 – 162 pts = A Appropriate formal research paper that excels in responding to the assignment; understanding and evaluation are clearly communicated, uses a logical structure, provides outstanding evidence or examples, sentence style is appropriate, correct documentation is included, and almost entirely free of spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors.
161 – 144 pts = B Solid response to the assignment; begins to acknowledge understanding and evaluation, provides sufficient evidence or examples, uses a somewhat logical structure, documentation may be lacking proper execution, and may contain a few mechanical errors.
143 – 126 pts = C Adequate but less effective response to the assignment; structure is random, examples may not be relevant, documentation is poor, and may contain several mechanical errors.
125 – 108 pts = D Weak response to the assignment; structure, examples, or documentation may be missing, and contains many mechanical errors.
107 – 0 pts = F Does not respond to assignment, lacks organization, structure, evidence, examples, and contains awkward sentences and numerous mechanical errors, or did not submit.

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