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Video: Mandisa – Bleed The Same (Lyric Video) ft. TobyMac, Kirk Franklin (4:04) (Links to an external site.)Mandisa - Bleed The Same (Lyric Video) ft. TobyMac, Kirk Franklin

After reading and viewing this week’s article and video resources, listen to the following song for inspiration :o) With today’s highly charged emotional and opinionated views around what it means to be inclusive and tolerant, as you’re listening to the lyrics, think about what it truly means to “include” others into your sphere of influence. How can you be an “agent of change,” a phrase President Obama was so often heard coining. This is especially important if we’re going to help the businesses we’ve chosen to analyze in generating improvements with their own stances and practices on inclusivity and tolerance.

(Note: This song is not meant to push any religious agenda, but rather based on the lyrics, is provided for a “food for thought” experience with regards to Inclusivity and Tolerance in today’s highly controversial climate regarding these issues.)

Module 7 Required Readings

These are your required readings for Week #7. As you read and watch these pieces, as always, be aware that they more often than not, present differing and inflammatory opinions and definitions and may not be suitable for work (NSFW).

As we’ve seen by now, people have very different views on what it means to be racist, feminist, etc. This discussion now extends into the topics of what it means to be inclusive and tolerant in one’s workplace and in their communities. What exactly makes a workplace, or even a community, a place of acceptance, or a place of exclusion? Part of the dilemma is now intertwined with “free speech.” Does free speech give us permission to say or do whatever we want? Or should a modicum of civility, respect and common sense dictate what is appropriate or not? These are all questions to ponder, evaluate and analyze as you navigate through this week’s content.

We also visit the topic of workplace stereotypes and discrimination when dealing with inclusivity and tolerance. As I say, these topics often overlap with each other, each one being like a puzzle piece belonging to the grand puzzle we call “diversity in the workplace.”

Again, as always, part of your task when addressing these works is to think about them critically and analytically, forming your own opinions as to what is relevant and what is not. This will prove extremely helpful as you put together your Diversity Assessment Improvement Action Plan.

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Required Reading:

Diversity Is Useless Without Inclusivity (Links to an external site.)

Diversity Efforts Fall Short Unless Employees Feel That They Belong (Links to an external site.)

Moving From Diversity to Inclusion (Links to an external site.)

5 Reasons Diversity and Inclusion Fails (Links to an external site.)

From Exclusion to Inclusion (Links to an external site.)

Divinity, Diversity and Division (Links to an external site.)

Storm Over Sexual Orientation (Links to an external site.)

Digging Deeper Into Campus Diversity (Links to an external site.)

Exclusion: The New Face Of Diversity? (Links to an external site.)

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