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There are 2 assignments this week

*Due Monday

1- I have a project and it is going to be in parts :

First I need to do the Proposal and than get the approval from the doctor so I can start the project and i will give you all the project information .

2- there are 3 questions to answer

A-Think of a specific situation in which you gave feedback. What impact did it have? How can you improve the effectiveness of your feedback?

B-Job seekers usually do not have good information about the climate for engagement in the organizations of prospective employers. What questions might you ask during a job interview to better gauge this important aspect? How can you trust the answers that are given to you?

C-Identify ways in which your immediate supervisor has knowingly and unknowingly affected your motivation. Which of these increased your motivation? Which decreased your motivation? How would you like to be motivated?

*Due Tuesday

Provide a 3-4 sentence response to each of the following questions:

1- Do you think that redistribution is a reasonable way to improve equity in a free market economy?Why or why not?

2-Which do you think is the more important type of tax equity to achieve—vertical or horizontal?

Or are they equally important?Why?

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