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1. Please share a little bit about your current understanding for the environmental issues of today. What do you already know, not understand, lose sleep over, and so on about the state of our planet? What did you think of the videos?

2. Please reply to these questions!

rules :

1. Each post MUST BE three or more sentences. This includes your posts in response to other student posts.

2. Each post must be detailed. It is not enough to simply write, “I agree with you” or “I like your idea.” You must say WHY you agree or like someone’s ideas.

3. Write in complete, standard English sentences. Do not “text.” Poorly written posts will not be considered for a grade.

4. If you disagree with someone’s post, politely do so. Explain why you disagree with facts and details.

5. If you agree with someone, build on the ideas.

6. You can reply to someone who had replied to your original post; this will count as another of your required postings for the assignment.

7. Be kind, respectful, and curious toward other students.

8. The instructor reserves the right to delete any post that is offensive, intolerant, or not sufficiently academic for a college-level course.

a. It’s crazy to think that we as humans know what is going on with our planet, yet do nothing about it. All the facts shown in the first video have evidence as well, and he describes all the effects of how we live. Humans have to change the way we use fossil fuels/ energy so we can preserve Earth for future generations.

b. From my current understanding, I already know that climate change is very impactful to the environment today around the world. Moreover, climate change affects the flora and fauna of our ecosystem, as they will not be able to have a sustainable lifestyle int he future due to the destructions that humans have cause upon them. However, one thing that I do not understand is how some governments can be so ignorant to this problem, causing a domino effect on the negative issues that is going on around the world today.

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