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Write a short narrative paragraph Rough Draft and the Final Draft ( 300 word) beginning with this sentence: “I awoke to a sound I could not identify” Your narrative should contain the following elements: orientation, sequence of events, dialogue (two people talking), and a resolution. Here is an example; should be entertaining and funny

I awoke to a sound I could not identify. In attempt of hearing the same sound that woke me from my sleep, I sat up in my bed and did not move a muscle. A quick glance at the clock revealed that it was three in the morning. Just then, I heard the same disturbing sound, but was unable to identify where it was coming from. I scrambled out of the bed, threw on a t-shirt, shorts, a pair of saddles, and my eyeglasses.

As I took my first steps from the bedroom to the direction of the sound, my heart was beating and pattering like the sound of a percussion instrument. My hands were shaking and clammy, from the adrenalin coursing through my body. I was halfway down the long dark hallway, when I heard the sound for the third time. This time I was able to identify the location of the sound; the sound was coming from my backyard.

The sound was directly behind the sliding glass doors that lead from the living room to the backyard. The sound was horrific, it sounded like a baby crying in distress. I reached over to the light switch, and turned on the backyard lights. I peeked through the curtains, which were draped over the sliding glass doors, and there it was!

I had discovered what woke me from my sleep, had my heart racing, and adrenalin pumping. The disturbing sound was nothing more than an ally cat, which had just given birth to four kittens. I grabbed some towels and an old moving box from the garage. I cleaned the mother and her kittens, and placed them all in the big box wrapped in towels. Later that morning, I drove the mother and her kittens to the Human Society, so they could get the proper care and attention needed

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