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power-point 8 slides and use GAP and research design provided to answer slide questions. The questions are on the slides Here is the research design

My topic and focus is Biological Influences on Personality. My research question from my GAP read How does the “The Five Factor Model” of personality map onto dimensions of personality development? .

What research design have you chosen?

I’m going to use questionnaires in this correlation research study. My reasoning for choosing this is simply because I can use diversity and focus on large, but also very diverse set of people. I also want to gather very large amounts of data as well.

These studies generally focus on the role of personality and biological traits. Further, these studies use sexual orientation, Five Factor model personality, biological sex were used as antecedents to the studies. For instance, the study on “the influence of biological and personality traits on gratifications obtained through online dating websites” explore the sexual orientation differences in both gratification s and personality traits sought from online dating sites.

However, these studies have given no attention to how the personality traits influence infant temperament. In other words, the studies should have heavily focused on the individual differences in behavior and disposition. Further, little or no attention has been given to how the Five Factor Model of personality maps onto childhood temperament dimensions.

Research Question:

How does the “The Five Factor Model” of personality map onto dimensions of personality development?

How have you built on this research design?

Ever since module two, I feel I have become much more familiar with research designs and I believe this is because I have a particular focus on my research question I’m working on.

What new elements are you adding to this design?

I really want to show attention to how the (Five Factor Model) of personality maps onto childhood temperament dimensions.

How will the design be Implemented?

I will use questionnaires

How will you account for any issues of ethics in your proposed research question?

  • I will ensure quality and integrity of the research;
  • I will seek informed consent;
  • I will respect the confidentiality and anonymity of the research respondents;
  • I will ensure that the participants will participate in the study voluntarily;
  • I will avoid harm to the participants; and
  • I will show that my research is independent and impartial. I will also follow a particular order and always have concent ahead of time.

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