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This unit asks you to think about your own culture in terms of norms, values, beliefs, and behaviors. The unit also asks you to think about those agents of socialization most closely related to various aspects of culture. For this assignment, you are asked to think about the same issues as they apply to another culture.

Choose a culture you know nothing about. Go online to research this group and answer the following questions about their culture and socialization.

  1. In a paragraph, introduce the cultural group you researched online. Be sure to give the location of the group, why you chose the group, and what you hope to learn.
  2. In one to two paragraphs, describe three interesting aspects about this culture. Choose something about their everyday life (folkway), something about their religion (value), and something about their biggest taboo (more).
  3. Discuss the agents of socialization involved in the transmission of the three interesting aspects you chose.
  4. Finally, how does each of these aspects affect the development of self for members of the group?

Be sure to think and write sociologically, using correct terminology and being objective. Your paper must be at least one page in length, double-spaced, using Times New Roman 12-pt. font. Use the indicated rubric to guide your work. Use appropriate APA in-text citations and provide a reference page.

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