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Please find the attached assignment that I submittted, please help me fix it. This is barely unit 2 these are my professors comments.

The assignment was: Dropbox–Send your professor a draft of the methodology section of your thesis (minimum two pages, be very specific on the who, what, when, where, how, and why of how your are testing your hypothesis). A few things for you: -make your running head per APA 6 -this isn’t a methodology–it looks like an annotated bibliography? -include your references with each assignment –you need to redo this ASAP–this will be an important part of your paper -your method must be very specific–I should be able to conduct your research using only that–make it as specific as a cookie recipe

Mary, This is a good template, but it looks completely generic, like a copy/paste from a website. This must be personalized and show what you did, not what any researched should do…

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