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Scenario: Rosa

Part One

Rosa had not been feeling well for the past few weeks. She decided to see her doctor because of her feeling stressed, tired, and unfocused at work and at home. She told the doctor that she has been feeling stressed at her job to complete a lot of work in a short amount of time. This has caused her to bring work home even though she has to care for her two teenage sons. She reported that she started drinking a few glasses before bed to help her get to sleep. For the past two years, her alcohol consumption has increased with her stress levels. She now struggles with insomnia and feeling overwhelmed. Her doctor ordered scans of fMRI (functional magnetic resolution imaging) scans of her brain and asked her to return the next week.

Part Two

Rosa returned to see her doctor a week later. During that appointment, he showed her the brain scan and explained that she should begin to make some lifestyle changes in her life. She was struck by the differences between her brain and a healthy one and promised to make some changes.

(LOOK AT THE ATTACHED IMAGE for your response)

Using the scenario above, explain what Rosa saw in the MRI scan of her brain. Why is

she likely suffering from problems with her thinking and focus? Make some predictions

about what kinds of neurological problems she will develop if she continues to drink.

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