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Assignment (8 pages at least

For the journal assignment, students should choose to investigate the world from the aspect of one of the sociological categories that we are discussing –race, class, or gender. The purpose is to view the world with a sociological eye, and to present your findings in a collection that provides a critical scientific observation, without bias or judgment.

Each student is to choose a category (race, class, or gender). A student should be specific about the race/class/gender they choose, as a subcategory of their larger category. As such, students can choose the following groupings as possible populations

Racial (Black/White/Asian/Native American)

Ethnic (Latino/Irish/Pakistani/Jewish/Chinese/etc)

Gender (Male/Female/Gay/Straight/Bisexual/Transgender)


Class (Upper/Middle/Working/Lower/Underclass)

For the assignment, the student must collect a minimum of 8 articles on the category/subcategory that they have chosen. The articles *must* be recent; they can be no older than from October 20th, 2012. The articles _cannot_ be different perspectives on the same issue; each article must be unique. (For example, if the topic were African American, and there was a race-based riot that took place somewhere in the world, you couldn’t have multiple articles about the same riot).

Additionally, no more than one article can be from any given day. In other words, you cannot have multiple articles produced on June 7th, for example.

Each article must be printed and have information indicating its source (where it came from) and its date of publication/release. Please, NO blogs or generic website copy; these have to be actual articles from a newspaper, magazine, journal, or other periodical. Stories from television news sites would be acceptable.

Each article should be summarized with at least ½ page of double spaced feedback/commentary from the student. It should highlight key points, and express how the article is relevant to the category/subcategory chosen.

At the end of the minimester, a student is to present a stapled group of the 8 articles and their summaries for grading. Each grouping/journal should have a cover page that has ONLY the following on it:


SOCI 243: Sociology of Race, Class, and Gender

Journal Assignment

Category and Subcategory Chosen:

The organization of the journal should be as follows: (a) Cover Page, (b) First summary, (c) first article, (d) second summary, (e) second article, (f) third summary, (g) third article, (h) fourth summary, (i) fourth article, (j) fifth summary, (k) fifth article, (l) sixth summary, (m) sixth article. Summaries must be typed, double spaced, in either Calibri or Times New Roman fonts, 11 pt.

No holders, covers, or report binders for journals. Simply staple them together in the order indicated. Make sure it is stapled by the time you come to class.

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