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Final Project will contain an analysis of the following sections on an existing NPO/NGO. When presenting your analysis, each section must include recommendations for improvement or change. These recommendations must be supported by the use of scholarly sources; a minimum of 10 scholarly sources published within the last 5 years must be used throughout the paper. The analysis conducted in each section should be based on best practices and scholarly resources, as opposed to personal opinions.

I. Introduction The introduction should provide the reader with an overview of the organization being analyzed and the impact the organization has at a local, state, national, regional, or international level.

II. Mission and Vision In this section, the mission and vision statements of the organization should be presented along with an evaluation of these statements. Include information that supports the importance of mission and vision statements. Make recommendations for change or justify the existing statements.

III. Governance Provide information relating to the composition and role of the board of directors specific to the organization. Include any legal requirements mandated by statute or laws that relate to the state in which the organization operates. Make any recommendations that would increase board member commitment and involvement.

IV. Ethics Explain the importance of ethics in relation to the organization. Present any known or potential ethical issues that the organization may encounter. Provide solutions and recommendations that could assist the organization.

V. Management and Leadership Provide information on the leadership structure to include the board of directors, committees, the executive director, and other leadership positions. Include information on how this structure relates to the overall success of the organization. Make recommendations for change or justify the current structure.

VI. Volunteers and Staff Explain the role of the paid staff and volunteers within the organization. Include information such as volunteer plans, orientation, and ongoing training. Provide recommendations in areas where the organization is lacking.

VII. Organizational Budget Begin with the importance of funding to the organization and provide an analysis of the organization’s current or previous year’s budget. Include information on funding sources and large expenditures. Actual dollar amounts should be incorporated when addressing this section. Also provide potential forms of revenue that the organization should consider.

VIII. Strategic Planning Provide information on the strategic planning process of the organization. Explain the process from the creation of the plan to actual implementation. If the organization does not use strategic planning, make recommendations that support the use of strategic planning and explain the overall benefits.

IX. Social Change Impact In what context is the organization making a difference when it comes to social change on both a small and large scale?

X. Conclusion Summarize key points made throughout the paper. Include any personal insights that were gained.

Your Final Project must demonstrate both breadth and depth of knowledge and critical thinking appropriate to graduate-level scholarship. It must follow APA Publication Manual guidelines and be free of typographical, spelling, and grammatical errors. The project should be a minimum of 12 pages and no longer than 16 pages in length (double spaced), not including the title page, the abstract, and references.

Be sure to support your Final Project with specific references to all resources used in its preparation.

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