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After reading the case study on Michael (Chapter 1 in the Kearney textbook), please answer ALL associated discussion questions in a substantive and thoughtful manner. Each case study response should be written in a word document, adhere to APA format, and be approximately 2-3 pages in length (Times New Roman,12, double-spaced; excluding title and reference pages). Each case study is worth 50 points.

Please respond to each of the following questions:

1. Which of Michael’s behaviors do you think were more “disturbed” and which do you think were more “disturbing” to his parents and teacher? Which of Michael’s behavior “problems” might seem normal for a 9-year-old? (10 points)

2. What were Michael’s primary behavior problems? Identify five you consider most important and explain your reasoning. Three DSM-5 diagnoses were assigned to Michael. Which ones do you think were most pertinent? Defend your answer. (10 points)

3. In a case like Michael’s, the family may be as problematic as the child. How would you explain to parents and others that their behavior must change if a child’s behavior is to change? How would you convince a family to stay in treatment if you believed they could greatly benefit from doing so? Should you do so if family members say they are no longer interested in therapy? Why or why not? (10 points)

4. A key goal for developmental psychopathologists is to identify pathways that lead to, and away from, mental disorder. Choose a childhood disorder or behavior problem and develop a causal model for it. Form a theory about why some children develop that particular problem and others do not. Discuss “protective” factors that help children avoid such misbehaviors. Outline factors that might move a child away from maladaptive behavior or improve his or her prognosis for the future. (10 points)

5. Outside of the Rappoport family members and Michael’s teacher, which people might be important for addressing Michael’s behavior problems? What would you want to ask or say to these people? Why? (10 points)

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