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Original Essay

In this original essay, you are obliged to determine an original topic. The challenge here is to write in a way that embraces the techniques and/or styles of the authors you have read in this course (The author I’d like you to write in the style of is Henry David Thoreau, I’ve attached below a copy of his work from this unit so you can see his writing style). The content of the essay is entirely up to you. You may choose to be more explicit in your approach, or you may be more implicit. You will also need to make choices regarding your overall purpose of language.

The only other requirement here is that you incorporate at least one of the techniques that you see writers employing in this unit. (I’ve included the little lessons from the unit below)


An “A” paper features:
-a topic that merits a written discussion
-an implicit or explicit thesis, fully supported
-effective shifts in tone
-dexterity with stylistic and rhetorical variety
-creativity in terms of overall structure
-clear voice, particularly in use of diction and syntax
-grammatical accuracy

***My teacher does not give a word limit but she typically likes long things so maybe somewhere between 700-900 words***

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